Digital Asset Management

Digital Asset Management

Marketing Asset Management with Infor Orbis MRM

Digital Marketing Assets are the lifeblood of any marketing department. Marketing Assets are the integral pieces that underpin any campaign. It makes perfect sense to keep all these valuable digital assets in one place. That’s exactly what Infor Orbis’s Digital Asset Management does for you.

The Digital Asset Library provides a central repository for marketing materials, research documentation and any other digital assets. Image files can be transformed from high resolution to low resolution formats and all versions are retained. Internal and external stakeholders, including advertising agencies, can access the Digital Asset Library, with security and permissions applied at multiple levels.

  • Simple and advanced searching techniques
  • 250+ file types manageable
  • Transform large and exotic files to low resolution formats for office use
  • Video and audio streaming on demand
  • Full version control with check-out functions
  • Manage Rights expiry dates on stock photography
  • Scalable access to tens of thousands of users
  • Create an intuitive folder structure to suit the business, with permission controls
  • Integrate to web content systems and intranets for easy marketing assets distribution
  • Files can be distributed via secure web pages
  • Save time and money by centralising the management, distribution and records on digital assets
  • Protect against misuse of stock photography and brand assets
  • See new agency concepts immediately online
  • Share campaigns and artwork across extended Marketing organisations

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Digital Asset Management – Marketing Master Class

Many marketers focus so much on the production of digital assets that they forget what to do with them afterwards. These assets have value – and need to be stored, protected and reused. Typically, digital assets are stored on network drives or reside with external agencies, causing problems for marketers.

Find out more about digital asset management in this complimentary video.

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